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Financial Freedom Planner {35+ Page Digital Download}

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Rebecca Burton

Financial Freedom Planner {35+ Page Digital Download}

Elizabeth Thelen

I love the ideas in the planner. One thing I would have liked to see is podcast episodes that coincide with the topics. It's always encouraging to hear someone else's story.

Sheila George
great planner

I like how there is a template for writing down your websites, username, password.

Excellent and Timeless Resource!

Excellent workbook to start putting pen to paper about your financial goals! I especially like that it's a download/printable because that means that I can re-print and re-visit it as needed as my goals are met and my dreams evolve. Save paper and work on it online, or be like me and create a binder where you print it off and work on paper. It's well worth your time to fill out every section thoughtfully and fully! I just got it a few days ago, so I don't have any results yet, but check back in a few months and I know I'll be on my way to becoming financially free!

, Excellent tool for debt reduction

I am retired and starting my journey out of shopping addiction! I've (almost) always paid the Visa bill in its entirety, by using every dollar of retirement income, RMDs, tax returns . . . Having exhausted it all, I've been scared straight. I printed pertinent pages, for a hands-on guide to keep me on track. Although 70+, I came up with a "side hustle" idea: selling the first-quality clothing I've bought and seldom (if ever) worn--with luck in tandem with another shopaholic. Bottom line, this Planner is not tailored to my circumstances, but a tool that I can use. I also loved your book--short, direct, and inspiring. I did not find a link to your Podcast, but hope to tap into that resource soon as well. Thank you!