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30-Day No-Spend Challenge {35+ Page Digital Download}

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This challenge is a wonderful jumpstart to my new relationship with my money.

christy leiner
They make it simple for you!

Not only do I LOVE their podcast, their products that they provide to us to succeed are AMAZING! I have really enjoyed learning and becoming a better financial person. I highly recommend listening to their podcasts and products! Much love, Christy from Ohio

Anne k
Fantastic Resource

I love the no spend challenge. My favorite is the no spend calendar. Savings is self care and it can be fun!

Christie KW
Fantastic help!

I'll admit that I was a reluctant starter of the 30-day no-spend challenge. I didn't prepare beforehand as I should have, and yet, I'm loving the challenge with this workbook! It is totally reframing my thinking and really motivating me toward my goals. My favorite part is that I'm really noticing and using what I already have. It's giving me quite a sense of peace, actually. Highly recommend!

Brenda Fader
No Spend Challenge

I love this workbook!
It’s laid out in an easy to follow format. The questions really made me think why I want to do this challenge.
I’ve tried to do no spend challenges before and having the workbook is making a huge difference for me. Between that and having accountability partners also doing the challenge I know that this time will be much more successful!