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30-Day Eat-at-Home Challenge {30+ Page Digital Download}

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Christie KW
Fantastic and helpful!

Jen and Jill have done it again! This download contains everything you may need to do a 30-day Eat-at-Home Challenge. It's a visible, tangible way to see your progress and figure out ways to improve. Never judge-y, always helpful!

Zerlynn J
So thorough!

Another challenge/workbook that Jen and Jill nailed! They seriously leave no stone unturned and have included anything you will need to be successful. They always do the challenges or complete the workbooks themselves so you know that if you commit to following everything, you will come out on the other side better and stronger. If you struggle with finding recipes or with being overwhelmed by the options when you just google it, these ladies have so thoughtfully included 75 (yes, SEVENTY FIVE) food/recipe blogs, and have categorized them by "cheap", "healthy", and "quick & easy". I personally use and trust a handful of these blogs on the list already, so I know how legit and good this list actually is. Overall, the Frugal Friends workbooks are godsent and this one is no different.

Emily J
They thought of everything

They thought of so many helpful things that I didn't even known I needed. I love that there are conversion charts and common substitutions. Shelf life and meal ideas by ingredients? Yes, please! What an amazing workbook.