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Values-Based Finances Bundle {110+ Page Digital Download}

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great information

this workbook was super helpful and useful!! It has great information about looking at habits when it comes to money and spending habits.

Supportive and Challenging at the same time!

This workbook walks though ways of thinking about personal values and how they connect to our spending, earning, saving, and giving. None of the exercises are easy, and many are challenging if you are (like I was) avoiding thinking too deeply about the why behind your money habits. But the workbook is so supportive, and walks through the purposes behind the exercises. Excellent purchase!

Christie KW
Fantastic product!

The Values-Based Budget Binder is a game changer. I'm only finished with part one of six, but I'm already thinking about budgeting and my money in a whole new way. The Frugal Friends have nailed it again!

vanessa Bilodeau

Values-Based Budget Binder

Carolyn Messersmith
Thorough & thought inspiring

This book acts as a self-guided tour of your values. It shows you how to budget with those values in mind and then how to become active in the values that you support. How you can have a job or volunteer activity that support your core values. It is a good exercise to think about these things and actually move your life towards what you value. I never thought about this topic until I went through the exercises.