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30-Day Habit Challenge {45+ Page Digital Download}

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Patsy Schneider
No time yet to read it

I am busy this week and not home daily. Can’t get into Circle either. I did join the group in FB and posted. Circle says to log in but it sends me a code. I put in code and it tells me to log on. But where??

Who do I contact?

Can’t do it today. I’m home tomorrow and will try again. But who is POC for Circle help??

Mrs Pat Schneider in Colorado

Just what I was looking for

The workbook is informative and is just what I needed to begin my journey to change my bad financial habits.

Wendy Veronie

45-Day Habit Challenge {45+ Page Digital Download}

Great Content!

It's a nice mix of "education" about habits and "action" items. Visually pleasing too! Excited to get to work.

Amy Scott
The workbook I was looking for!

After reading James Clear's "Atomic Habits," I've been really interested in learning how my habits help me reach my goals or deter me from reaching them. This workbook is an amazingly practical (and motivating!) tool to uncover hidden habits. I'm only a week in, and I am already seeing things about how I unconsciously spend on myself and my kids. I highly recommend it!